Norjam 2018

Important Contact Details

Event Leader Contacts: Luke Wolsey 07598 653 768
Mike Bool 07879 407 427

Additional Information: Laura Wolsey

Emergency Home Contact: Les Samuels 07919891744

We are on the 90s subcamp and our contingent is called 1st Drayton Scouts.

Please use Luke and Mike’s numbers for general communication if necessary. Laura can be contacted for non-urgent inquiries. Les’s number should be used in an urgent emergency if the event leaders cannot be contacted, or Les will contact you if there is a big change of plans or an emergency.

Location, Dates & Times

Location: Norfolk Showground. Heading towards the showground, you should follow the signs for Norjam Traffic.

Going There: Arrive at the showground at 10am on Saturday 11th August. On arrival, you will be guided to a drop off point from which the scouts will be escorted to their subcamp.

Please ensure you have had breakfast. You will have to take your kit to the subcamp and this may be a long way. Ensure you can carry your kit in a big rucksack or wheely suitcase on your own.

Coming Back: Collect from the showground at 12pm on Saturday 18th August, after all equipment is put away. Follow the signs to the pick up point.

Both going there and coming back are likely to see very heavy traffic around the showground. If you can share transport then this is advisable.


Money: You might like to bring an amount of money for use in the many and varied shops and cafes at Norjam. Depending on how much you plan on spending, an amount of £30 in £5 notes will enable us to issue each scout a budget of £5 a day. The leaders will hold your money securely. It is very easy to spend money at Norjam so if you wish to bring more then that is your choice.

Expensive Gadgets: Phones are not allowed at norjam, as firstly it will be out of battery by the second day, secondly there is a great risk of it getting broken or lost, and thirdly we had a serious safeguarding issue last time involving a mobile phone. Communication with parents must go through the event leaders. There is an internet cafe available and digital cameras (remember them?) are permitted.

Weather Forecast: Bring clothing for all eventualities, including full waterproofs and boots. It is a good idea to bring any indoor games that you can share in case of prolonged bad weather.
Penknives: Penknives are not necessary at Norjam. Do not bring one.

Norjam’s Code of Conduct:

I agree:

To ensure that I, and all my fellow campers, enjoy the week and have fun, and understand that this code of conduct will help each one of us achieve that.
To wear my NORJAM scarf and ID pass at all times.
To respect LIGHTS OUT and QUIET TIME is between midnight and 06:30 hours.
That if I want to ride a bicycle, I must wear my cycle helmet at all times, and if cycling at night, I must use proper working lights.
To put ALL LITTER in the bins provided.
To use water sparingly and carefully.
To respect each contingent’s camping area.
To respect the property of all campers, subcamps, buildings and their facilities and the campsite overall, and to understand that vandalism of any kind will not be tolerated.
To ensure that I have the barcode on my pass scanned when I leave and return to the site.
To respect any Health and Safety requirements of the site.

I also understand that:

I am not permitted to carry or wear a pen knife, sheath knife or similar item.
Swearing and bad language is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
I am only allowed to smoke (including e-cigarettes) if I am over 18 years of age and do so out of sight of young people.
I am only allowed to drink alcohol if I am over 18 years of age.
Alcohol will only be permitted on Subcamps if permission has been given by Jamboree Directors.
Anti-social behaviour caused by excessive alcohol consumption will not be tolerated.
The use of illegal drugs as stipulated by UK law, is not permitted and anyone found in possession will be reported to the local police and will be dealt with by them accordingly.
The lighting of unauthorised fires is not permitted.
If I choose to ignore or break this Code of Conduct regarding smoking, alcohol or illegal drugs then I will be asked to leave the site.

1st Drayton Scout Group leaders do not drink alcohol (or take illegal drugs!) whilst they are ‘on duty’.

Any other questions can be asked to Laura over the next few weeks at

Please retain this information until the event has finished.

Kit List

Sleeping bag
Roll mat

Waterproof jacket & trousers.
Waterproof boots or shoes.
Small rucksack for day trips.

Comfy clothes for a week.
Clothes and swim kit for water activities.
Comfy shoes or sandals.
Uniform and necker.
90s themed fancy dress.

Warm hat and gloves for chilly evenings.
Suncream and cap for hot days.

Wash kit, toothbrush & towel.
Personal medication, clearly marked. Make the leaders aware of your medication at the start of the event.

Water bottle (1.5ltrs worth) & lunchbox.
Non-electronic entertainment for evening downtime.
Digital camera.
£30 in £5 notes.

No phones, penknives, or energy drinks permitted.